GUV 32

Foldable table design. Its Roll to roll and fatbed as well.

Two in one model printer, expandable table could print up to 8mm height of light media.

Duo roll medias to increase printing eciency.

White ink: For colored media and 2.5D effect printing beyond your imagination.

Varnish ink: Printing and laminating in one go with pattern.

Technical Specifications
Max. printing width : 1.9m 75inches 3.2m 130 inches
Max. media width : 2.0m 79inches 3.4m 134inches
Model : GUVxx04RS GUVxx06R5 GUVxx06R5-3 GUVxx08R5
With white link : GUVxx05RS-2W GUVxx07R5-2W
With white link and varnish: GUVxx06RS-2WV GUVxx08R5-2WV GUVxx08R5-3WV
Performance 4Pass 4Pass+ 6Pass 6Pass+ 6Pass
Backlit With whit of Vamish
High speed / sq/hr 1205 954 875 705 747 373 249
Weight 800KG/1763 Ibs 1000KG/2205 Ibs
Dimensions(mm) L 3700/H 1500/D 1000 L 5100/H 1500/D 1000
DimensionsShipping(mm) L 4400/H 2000/D 1200 L 5600/H 2000/D 1200

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