8 pieces tool holders
Mixed T-slot and vacuum table
Automatic lubricating system
Z trock 400mm
Larger size table 2000x6000mm
Aggregate head
Boring unit
Technical Specifications
Model Description TR408H ATC with boring unit
1 X, Y, Z working area 13002500300mm
2 Table size 14653200mm
3 Resolution .03/300mm
4 Repeatability 0.05mm
5 Machine structure Stressless welded steel tubes
6 X structure Rack and pinion, linear guides
7 Y structure Rack and pinion, linear guides
8 Z structure Ball screw and linear guides
9 Max. consume power 12kw
10 Max. rapid speed 0-65000mm/min
11 Max. working speed 0-45000mm/min
12 Spindle power motor 9.0kw Italian spindle with ATC, ER32
13 Tools magazine 6 tool holders
14 Spindle speed 0-24000rpm
15 Working mode Yaskawa servo system
16 Working voltage AC220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3PH
17 Command code G Code
18 Operating system Syntec Windows control system (Taiwan)
19 X, Y working delicacy <0.02mm
20 Software Artcam Express, Vectric, Aspire
21 Interface Internet or USB
22 Memory 256M (or flash drive)
23 Packing size 338019801780mm
24 Gross weight 2300kgs

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